Learn Japanese for Windows 10


6454 reviews
~ Over 2,500 Japanese words and phrases all with sound ~ Quiz challenges ~ Free updates ~

We have over 3,500 users! As one of the top paid apps in its category, you can trust that this is a good choice.

A great learning tool for beginner and intermediate students. Everything from hiragana to keigo.
Great for quickly learning correct pronunciation. Includes the most used words and phrases from everyday conversational Japanese.
* 2,500+ crystal clear audio recordings
* Recorded by a professional native voice actress with the standard dialect
* Organized into logical and useful categories
* Interactive multiple choice quizzes for every category
* Flashcard function for all words and phrases
* Cultural notes and learning tips
* Choose spaced repetition or random sorting to help learn faster
* Study Bank - favorite any phrase to study or email to you later
* Settings - turn on or off romaji and other preferences
* Windows-integrated search - quickly find any word or phrase in the app
* Search English OR Japanese words using romaji, hiragana, katakana, OR kanji
* Works offline - even without a network connection
* Free trial with access to hundreds of phrases
* Optimized for both widescreen and snapped view
* Automatic progression of the study cards - great to keep running in snapped view

Listen to some of our users:
* "I picked up with app to brush up on my Japanese and it is very well put together. I’m impressed at the resources made available through this app."
- Josh
* "If you are thinking of learning Japanese buy this, it is definitely worth your money"
- U.S user
* "Looks great and feels great, learning better than I did on Rosetta Stone"
- Ronald
* "I have tried most Japanese apps on the app store, and this is one of only two that I keep. This one offers vocab and lessons, the other I keep is a dictionary. Extremely useful with frequent updates. Highly recommended."
- U.K. user
* "Fantastic depth, so much to learn. Far better than those over priced apps that teach just one aspect. This is a really good and surprisingly comprehensive beginners course."
* "All the right & interesting sets of flash/study cards, words and phrases, with pronunciations and quiz support, and kanji! Yay"
- Cenk

Get started by selecting 'Help' from the top app bar.
PLEASE DOWNLOAD USING A Wi-Fi CONNECTION! This app is fairly large and can take a few minutes to install.

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